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Why did my Pyrex dish explode? [Infographic]

All about why Pyrex glass explodes

Why did my Pyrex dish explode? infographic

Many people don’t know that there’s two types of Pyrex glass, one with a 10 year warranty, and another that will explode with rapid temperature changes. This is my first Buy It Once infographic and it’s all about why Pyrex sometimes explodes. It was a lot of effort to make, so if you like it please share it 🙂

Any comments are welcome.

Edit: Thanks to all the visitors from Reddit! It was fun reading all the comments.

First Buy-It-Once Blog Post

It’s been a tough journey. All I’m trying to do is find products built to last then check if they’re sustainable and ethically made. Researching products and making sure that they really live up to their claims is slow progress. Initially I hoped to find products with lifetime warranties but you’d be surprised how often a lifetime warranty really means 1 or 2 years. Slowly but surely the Buy-It-Once store is growing with more and more products that really are the best of their category.

The plan is to use this space to write articles, show info-graphics, and everything else that won’t fit into the main store.

Please leave feedback and use this as a place to discuss around durability, sustainability, and planned obsolescence.