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Intelligence in the fashion industry. Subtle signs suggest a trend of producing more durable clothes by Thomaz Wood Jr.

“…the phenomenon of new retail clothing, which often involves virtual stores that present themselves as “ethical and durable alternative” to fast fashion. Zady with the message “A lifestyle for conscious consumers,” Cuyana ( “Fewer things better”), Everlane ( “Modern basic, radical transparency”), and The 30 Year Sweatshirt ( “Guaranteed for three decades”) They are remembered by Cline. The move is catalyzed by websites like and seeking to facilitate the search for durable goods, quality.”


CartaCapital is a Brazilian weekly news magazine

Thomaz Wood Jr wrote an opinion piece titled Intelligence in the fashion industry for CartaCapital, a Brazilian magazine that focuses on politics, economics, social issues and culture. Wood writes about the subtle shift towards conscious consumerism in the fashion industry. This is a trend that we at Buy-It-Once are delighted to see moving closer to the mainstream.

Wood wrote his article in Portuguese and the passage above was automatically translated, as was the title, which has a possibly unintentional double meaning. You can read the rest of the translated article by clicking here. If you are lucky enough to be able to read Portuguese, then here is a link to the original article at CartaCapital,