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Jane Macdougall: Buy it once, buy it right

There is, clearly, an argument to be made for buying the best you can afford. There is, clearly, an argument to be made that poor quality goods are an environmental plague in addition to being a false bargain. We’ve become too accepting that things simply fall apart and that we replace them.   Our possessions seem to be leased, rather than genuinely owned. After all, when you purchase short term utility, isn’t that usually referred to as “renting”? Whatever happened to durability?

The passage above is from Jane Macdougall’s latest article, Buy it once, buy it right, published in Canada’s National Post newspaper. She describes her experiences trying to replace a broken potato ricer. It had been handed down from her Grandmother to her mother, and now to her. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jane also included a reference to

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