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Kathryn McKenzie, Living Green: Buy the things that last

Kathryn McKenzie, a columnist for the Santa Cruz Sentinel newspaper is writing her “Living Green” series. Her latest article titled “Buy the things that last”resonates with the Buy-It-Once message.

Kathryn McKenzie

Kathryn McKenzie

She writes, “Unfortunately, we have all become accustomed to buying cheap items, having them break and buying new cheap things — again and again — and this endless cycle not only wastes money but sends a lot of extra junk to the landfill. It’s time to break the vicious cycle of consumerism.”

I’m very happy to see Kathryn also points readers to “Check out Buy Me Once ( and Buy It Once ( for online stores that carry items with lifetime or very long guarantees.” Thanks Kathryn.

You can read her article here,



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