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The Atlantic: The Power of Buying Less by Buying Better

“Mainstream fashion’s bad behavior is arguably opening the door for these more ethically-minded companies to flourish. Last year, a particularly withering segment on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver and a similarly-themed documentary The True Cost detailed the environmental and labor costs of cheap, trendy fashion to the attention of large audiences. And in the last two weeks, H&M has admitted to finding Syrian child refugees in its factories in Turkey, while another of its suppliers caught fire in Bangladesh just a few days later.”

Elizabeth Cline wrote the passage above in her article titled, “The Power of Buying Less by Buying Better”, published today in The Atlantic.

Her article focuses on consumer trends towards ethical and sustainable clothing companies. She writes “Meanwhile, these new, durability-focused companies say their success lies in providing a true antidote to fast-fashion: ultra high-quality clothing, made sustainably, that people can afford.”

Thanks Elizabeth for including a mention of I really appreciate it.

You can read the rest of her article here,



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